Read through the article for important advice on tipping in Hyderabad.

Tipping In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the 'city of Nizams', is one of the best cities of India. It is well-planned, organized and is famous for the historical edifices and, of course, the scrumptious 'Hyderabadi Biryani'. Talking of food, we are brought to the discussion of hotels and restaurants which, in turn, reminds us of tipping. Tipping in Hyderabad, in fact in India, is not compulsory. You may tip if only if you are happy with the service, but again it is not mandatory. In addition to this, giving tips in India does not apply to cab drivers or rickshaw pullers (unlike some other countries). You may do so when you hire a cab for a day-long journey. We know that tipping is usually a mark of our appreciation for good service, yet it there is no standard rule asserting this as a compulsion, especially in India, where tipping etiquette is quite liberal. So, if you are in India and are planning a visit to Hyderabad, follow the simple guidelines mentioned below on tipping.

Tipping Advice In Hyderabad
  • Majority of restaurants or hotels will have service charges included in the bill amount. However, the service charge does not necessarily go into the pockets of the waiter or waiters. It is a general charge for the overall service of the hotel. Therefore, if you think that you should tip your waiter separately for the excellent service that you received, you can leave a small amount of money on the table.
  • While checking in and out of a hotel, you generally need someone to help you with the luggage. In this case, you may pay Rs.20-25 to the person for carrying your bags. If you do not want any service, do not allow anyone to carry your luggage.
  • For most part of the time, you may need a guide in most of the tourist places. Tipping the guides at the end of their service is usual. A tip of Rs.100/- or 200/- per day is advisable.
  • If you are hiring a cab and you liked the service of the driver, you may tip him. This can be either done by paying him more cash explicitly or just by asking him to ‘keep the change’.
  • Tipping attendants for room service is also common in almost all big and small hotels. You can pay a sum of Rs.150/- to Rs 200/- as a tip.
  • In railway stations and airports, you may need the help of porters to tote you luggage around. You may have to bargain for lesser rates with porters as they may charge exorbitant rates initially. So, brush up on your bargaining skills and be wary of swindlers.
  • In most big hotels, you are sure to come across the hotel maids. You may also tip them, if you like.
  • You are sure to find some excellent service in small hotels or roadside dhabas. They are warm and friendly and there is every reason to tip them. Normally, the staff is more than happy if you say ‘thank you’ or ‘very good’ for their service, but tipping generally makes them happier. These places are normally very decently priced and have no service charges added in the bill; all the more reason to tip if you really liked the food. Once again, tipping is not compulsory. You may tip only if you appreciate their service.
Though tipping in Hyderabad is not a common social custom, unlike in many other cities in India, it is not discouraged. Tipping is an entirely personal decision and one should tip only if one is impressed and happy with the service providers. The only thing which one should keep a note of is to know where it is required to tip and where it isn't.