What is worse than falling sick during a trip? If you are planning to travel to Hyderabad, given below are some simple health precautions to be kept in mind.

Health Precautions In Hyderabad

A healthy lifestyle is the best. If you are a frequent traveler, you should take special care of yourself. A fever or a small body ailment can ruin your entire travel experience. It is vital to judge the hygiene level of a particular restaurant, hotel or food stall before having food from there. When you are in a different city or state, avoid having food from roadside stalls and always be prepared for the volatile weather conditions! You may need to carry sunscreens, umbrellas or even raincoats and, not to mention, mosquito repellents also while you are in Hyderabad. No matter where you go, be extremely meticulous about the food you consume. A place like Hyderabad, which is among the most visited tourist destinations, will definitely have many food outlets and/or stalls situated close to tourist sites like monuments etc. You will usually find crowds gathering around these food stalls. Food stalls generally serve delicious food, however make sure you weigh the pros and cons before stopping at a food stall to grab a quick snack!

Health and Safety Precautions in Hyderabad
  • Water borne diseases are very common nowadays so, to be on the safer side, opt for mineral water in hotels and keep hydrating yourself in order to prevent dehydration.
  • There is nothing like cooking for yourself while exploring a new city, however, in the case of the non-availability of a kitchen, the only suggestion is to find a decent eatery. One of the most important factors while you are on a trip is food. Hence, you may have to look for places where you can get hygienic food.
  • Hyderabad is known for its spicy food. Yet, you have to keep a check on your ‘spice’ intake. Spicy food is delicious no doubt, but there is nothing worse than developing a bad stomach while travelling, especially if you cannot digest piquant meals.
  • Carry toilet paper, basic medication (fever, flu, and stomach problems), hand sanitizers, band aids, wet-tissues, sunscreen and mosquito repellents in your bag wherever you go. It is also recommended to carry raincoats and umbrellas if it rains.
  • If you are at a pharmacy, make sure you check the medicines for their expiry dates.
  • If you fall prey to sore throat or flu easily, try avoiding cold drinks or fresh juices with ice in them.
  • While staying at a hotel/guest-house/serviced apartment, always make sure you have a list of all the hospitals/clinics in and around your neighborhood, just in case of a medical emergency.
The simple precautions mentioned above can help you stay fit and healthy throughout your stay in the city. Hyderabad does not have a dearth of good hotels, restaurants, guest houses, hospitals and other amenities; just a little effort and caution from your side is all that is required for you to ensure a healthy and happy stay in the 'City of Nawabs'.