Secunderabad is the twin city of Hyderabad. This travel guide contains information on tourist attractions, shopping and places to eat in Secunderabad.


Secunderabad, situated in the Hyderabad district of Andhra Pradesh lies quite close to Hyderabad city, the capital of the state. This is exactly the reason why both are known as twin cities. The two cities are ten kilometers apart and are separated by the Hussain Sagar Lake. The city is connected to Hyderabad through Mahatma Gandhi Road or James Street. However, despite having a close connection, both the cities differ in cultures as Secunderabad was completely developed under the British rule while Hyderabad bas been a princely state since its origin. Founded in 1806 as a British Cantonment, the city was one of the largest cantonments in the country and had a considerable amount of British presence. A prominent railway junction in the South Central Railway, the city is also its zonal headquarters. The city also has a huge Anglo- Indian population and possesses a cosmopolitan culture. Most of the buildings in the city which are built in a British colonial style, exemplify this factor.

Secunderabad boasts of eminent institutions and organizations. The Secunderabad railway station one of the largest and over 190 trains arrive and depart from the station. The Secunderabad clock tower which was constructed in 1860 is a prominent landmark and a premier tourist attraction. It has also been given a heritage status. The city, at present, is also the headquarters of the 9th Division of the Southern Army which also includes 'Bolaram', which is the former military station of the Hyderabad contingent which was later merged with the Indian army. In 2007 the city marked its 200th birth anniversary.

Eating Out in Secunderabad
Known as the 'twin-city of Hyderabad', Secunderabad is located in the State of Andhra Pradesh and is steeped in history and culture. This city is named after 'Sikandar Jah' who was the third 'Nizam' of the Asaf Jah dynasty. Apart from the many amazing historical places to visit, Secunderabad has plenty

Secunderabad History
Secunderabad flaunts a rich history like that of Hyderabad. Situated just six miles from Hyderabad, the city of Secunderabad was formed as a twin city of Hyderabad and the cities are separated by an artificial lake Known as the Hussain Sagar Lake. In recent times, the city of Secunderabad has evolved into one of the most

Shopping in Secunderabad
Secunderabad, also known as the 'twin city of Hyderabad', is a city that was established during the 18th century. This magnificent city, rich in history, once served as an important base for the British army. Today, Secunderabad is an important commercial center of Andhra Pradesh. Secunderabad is a major city with a number

Tourist Attractions in Secunderabad
Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad, is known for its monuments belonging to the medieval and pre-independence India. The city is home to some of the most astounding historical buildings, forts, mosques, temples and parks, which exemplify the rich and diverse cultural background of the city. Many of the monuments