Once you are in Hyderabad, you would not want to miss out shopping for local souvenirs or your favorite accessories. Read on to get an idea about what and where to shop for local delights.

Shopping In Hyderabad

Shopping in HyderabadYou can hardly keep yourself away from shopping once you are in Hyderabad. The city offers its visitors a remarkable experience and everyone wishes to come back for the same. The accessories and the items available in the markets are unique to the city of Hyderabad and will surely put a hole in your wallet! So, make sure you carry enough cash! Hyderabad is very famous for its pearls, bangles, precious stones and several antiques, which are available at reasonable rates. Hence, it is obvious to take a look at the pearls, handicrafts, apparels, leather goods, traditional craft works and buy them, since they are worth every penny. There are specific places in the city which are meant for shopping like Begum Bazar, Laad Bazar, MG Road, Nampally, Abids, Basheer Bagh etc. There are several shopping centers in the city to support the growing needs of the customers who like to shop in malls. Hyderabad has everything and anything to offer its visitors ranging from the gorgeous pearls, embroidered textiles to exquisite art and craft works. In order to gather more information about the details on shopping in Hyderabad, scroll further.

What To Buy

Hyderabad Bangles
Bangles, like the traditional 'Bindhi' (forehead stickers), have become an integral part of women's lives in Hyderabad. For all the women who love to adorn their wrists with colorful bangles, this is the perfect place to shop for the same. There are hundreds of shops around Charminar where shops display beautiful collections of gorgeous bangles. The most famous type of bangles here is the Hyderabadi Lacquered Bangles, which are molded from pure lac and adorned with beautiful mirror works of different colors. Lad Bazar is another place where you can go bangle shopping.

Pearls And Other Jewelry
Another specialty of Hyderabad is its pearl collection and also other gold and silver jewelry sets. Though the rice pearl is the tiniest of all the types, these are available in exquisite designs and glamourize your attire. Basra is the more precious version of the pearl varieties and is unparalleled to any other kind in terms of lustre, price and also color.

Where To Buy
Most of the pearl stores present in Patar Gatti and Lad Bazar are more than a century old and sell only the reliable varieties of pearl. Also, there are stones available like topaz, jade, garnets and corals. There are hundreds of stores found in Abids, Basheerbagh, Jagadamba Jewellers, Suraj Bhan Jewellers and a few other shops in Secunderabad too. Here are the names and addresses of a few shops.
  • Princess Pearls
    Shop No 5-4-666/1
    Peshwari Plaza, South Abids
    Near Hotel Saptagiri, Hyderabad.
  • Motilal Jewellers and Pearls
    Opposite Medina building Patar Gatti, Hyderabad.
  • Sri Jagadamba Pearls: 2-4-26, MG Road
    Opposite Mahatma Gandhi statue,
    Secunderabad- 3
Mirror Works
Just being provided with a thread and a needle, the Banjara women of the tribal possess the power to transform any ordinary cloth to something unique and awesome. This is the magical power that lies within their hands. They extensively use mirror works to do the same and this is what is featured in traditional Banjara designs. Not only are these mirror works done on cloths, but are also seen on bags, shirts, 'kurtas', cushion covers, bed spreads etc.

Ikat Weaving
Do you wish to bring back something special from Hyderabad that reminds you of the beautiful days you spent in the city? As a souvenir from Hyderabad, bring back an Ikat woven sample. This one of the unique craft pieces of Andhra handloom and is a type of craft that has outlived all other crafts till date. The yarn is prepared by the weavers by first dipping it in oil and it is woven into fabric. Following this, the fabric is waxed and according to the required design, it is covered in clay. Items such as sarees, blankets, fancy bags, carpets, coasters, mats can also be woven this way.

Famous Bazars In Hyderabad
  • Begum Bazaar
  • Laad Bazaar
  • Sultan Bazaar
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road
  • Charminar Market
  • Koti Sultan Bazaar
  • Shilparamam
  • General Bazaar
Hyderabad is a one-stop destination for all those game for shopping. Enjoy yourself while you are in the land of the Nawabs!