When you think of visiting famous crypts in Hyderabad, you simply cannot miss the Raymond Tomb. Scroll down to learn more about this vault in the City of Nawabs.

Raymond Tomb

Location: On the top of a hillock in Saroornagar, East Hyderabad; approximately 10 kilometers from the main city.
Nearby attractions: Asman Garh Palace, French Garden
Timings: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (except Fridays)

The "City of Pearls" is also one of the few places in India, which boasts of its glorious past. There are several monuments, tombs, palaces and other historical edifices that add to the charm of the city. Every year, hundreds of tourists visit Hyderabad, exploring the beautiful and precious historical structures, which were once built by the Nizams or other influential figures. The Raymond Tomb is one among them. This vault was raised in the honor of a Frenchman (General Michel Joachim Marie Raymond) by the presiding Nizam. Apart from this, there is French Garden nearby, which is worth visiting. If you are planning to visit Raymond Tomb, you may need to brush up on the history and architecture before going there. You could also visit the French Garden, which has a very strong connection with the history of the Raymond Tomb. Originally, this garden served as the site, where General Raymond and his troops were posted. Later, it was converted into a beautiful garden, covered with lush greenery.

The Famous Crypt

Raymond's tomb was built in the honor of the French General, Michel Joachim Marie Raymond. The tomb is 200 years old and is one of the best places to visit in India. Michel Joachim Marie Raymond first came to India in 1775 and settled in Pondicherry. He came to the country in the hope of becoming a merchant, but joined the army of the reigning Nizam instead. He first joined as a soldier in 1789 and later, he was asked to lead an army of 300 soldiers. Eventually, he became the Appointer of Ordinance in 1796, after which he effected the establishment of many cannon and cannonball factories. His loyalty and dedication, earned him the title and position of 'General' of the Nizam Army.

A close friend and associate of Nizam Ali Khan, the second Asaf Jahi, Raymond had immense respect for the natives. He was popularly called 'Monsieur Raymond' and was extremely affectionate towards the locals. In the words of George Bruce Malleson, an English officer in India, 'No European of mark who followed him in India ever succeeded in gaining, to such an extent, the love, the esteem, and the admiration of the natives of the country.' When Raymond died in 1798, a tomb was erected in his reverence. It was called the Raymond Tomb, with his initials, 'JR' carved on it. Till now, this tomb is one the most respected places in Hyderabad. Every year, following the death of Raymond, the Nizams sent a box of cheroots and a bottle of beer to commemorate the death anniversary of this special individual.

Structure And Architecture
The Raymond Tomb is a cone shaped structure with a length of 60 meters, width of 30 meters and height of 10 meters. It is made of black granites among which, one polished black granite displays 'JR', the initials of General Raymond. Just 25 feet away from the tomb, is a structure which resembles a Greek temple. It is flat-roofed edifice with 28 pillars supporting it.

How To Reach
The Raymond tomb is situated 10 kms away from the heart of Hyderabad. One can avail public transport services or book a private cab from any local travel agency.

Being one of the most visited places, the Raymond Tomb is a symbol of respect and peace. Michel Joachim Marie Raymond was a benevolent man, who earned the love and admiration of the natives. Unlike other Europeans, he never let a sense of disparity set in and never discriminated the locals. Therefore, when he died a vault was built to glorify his name in the pages of history.