St. Joseph's Cathedral is a famous church located in Hyderabad. Read this article to learn more about this ancient church, the things to do, nearby places and how to reach.

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Location: Gunfoundry, Hyderabad
Historical Importance: One of the oldest and the most famous Roman Catholic churches in India.
Nearby Places: Central Church of Christ, St. George's Church.
Any Other Fact: The tombs of three priests - Fr. Malbreti, Vismara and Caprotti are kept inside the church.

St. Joseph's Cathedral HyderabadSt. Joseph's Cathedral, situated in Gunfoundry, is one of the most remarkable cathedrals in Hyderabad. This Roman Catholic Cathedral belongs to the Archdiocese of Hyderabad and is named after 'Saint Joseph', the father of 'Lord Jesus'. The construction of St. Joseph's Cathedral began in 1869 by Fr. Antonio Tagliabue, but the entire construction was only completed in 1872 under the direction of Fr. Luigi Malbreti. It was only in 1875, on the Eve of Christmas, when St. Joseph's Cathedral finally opened for the flocks of devotees. The cathedral's Italian architectural designs and the gigantic bells d on the top of the cathedral will leave anyone mesmerized. Many famous celebrities have also visited this great cathedral over the years. Christians and even non-Christians come to visit this cathedral, especially during Christmas time and on 'Good Fridays'. People from all over the world come to this cathedral to explore and revel in its architectural and spiritual magic.

St. Joseph's Cathedral is built in Italian style of architecture, which makes this cathedral extremely unique. The cathedral has a large main hall that can accommodate over 500 people at the same time. One of the most unique features of this cathedral is the 5 massive bells that are placed at the top of the cathedral in the bell tower. These bells were designed and brought in from Italy. Not only do they enhance the architectural beauty of the ancient structure, but are also tuned to the tunes of hymns that are played at the cathedral every day.

One can even spectacle the amazing views of the city by standing at the top of the bell tower. The local people believe that these bells are holy and protect them from storms and lightning. Hence, the bells are rung vigorously to warn the dwellers before a storm. Within the cathedral, there is a replica of the popular painting of Michelangelo, known as 'Pieta'.

Things To Do
  • If you are fond of photography, you can take pictures of the beautiful St. Joseph’s Cathedral.
  • You can also visit the tombs of the three priests — Fr. Malbreti, Vismara and Caprotti and pay your respects.
  • Explore the replica of the famous painting of ‘Michelangelo’.
Nearby Places
Central Church of Christ is an interesting place to visit and is located nearby. This church is dedicated to the Lord, 'Jesus Christ' and was established in 1939. During 'Easter' and Christmas, this church organizes several events. The St. George's Protestant Church situated near St. Joseph's Cathedral, is also another must-see while in Hyderabad.

How To Reach

By Road
The closest bus stop located near to St. Joseph's Cathedral is the Gunfoundry Bus Depot. Many 'APSRTC' or buses are available to the cathedral from within the city. As this site is well-connected by roads, one can hire auto-rickshaws or taxis from within the city to reach here.

By Rail
The closest railway station is the 'MMTS' or station, which is located at Nampally. One can easily get to the cathedral with the help of local transport after disembarking at the Nampally, MMTS Station.

One of the oldest Roman Catholic churches found in India, the St. Joseph's Cathedral is a renowned place of worship located in Hyderabad. St. Joseph's Cathedral is devoted to St. Joseph, the father of Lord Jesus and tombs of the priests of this church are preserved inside this ancient cathedral. Visit this monument and explore the cathedral's ancient, Italian style of architecture.